Groundwork: The Podcast

Season 2 is out now!

In our new season we tell stories of people on the front lines. There were recent bombings in Jerusalem. Deadly violence in the West Bank spiked in 2022. Everyone is asking what might happen next. And we’ll be honest, sometimes we feel hopeless. But that’s not the whole story. Long-time activists are gearing up for a new level of action. 

Groundwork is a partnership project of Alliance for Middle East Peace and New Israel Fund.


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Ground Report: Sally Abed

We just finished season two. But before we sign off fully, we wanted to give you a special episode. We’re turning the mic around! Groundwork creator and producer Yoshi Fields sat down with host Sally Abed to talk about her experience as a Palestinian activist in Israel. Sally is a member of the national leadership of Standing Together – the largest Jewish Arab grassroots movement in Israel.  Groundwork is created and produced by Dina Kraft and Yoshi Fields. Content and audio editing by Yoshi. Yoshi  scored the episode. Additional content editing by Elisheva Goldberg and Nick Acosta. Art and design by Nick Acosta. Groundwork is a joint production of New Israel Fund and the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

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Two States, One Homeland

In Israel-Palestine today, many people feel trapped in century-long circle of violence. The closest breakthrough came thirty years ago in 1993, with the Oslo Accords. In this week’s episode, we hear a story about May Pundak, Executive Director of A Land For All. May is the daughter of one of the architects of Oslo, Ron Pundak. But she thinks she may be onto a different model for peace that can break the cycle where Oslo went wrong. It’s not a two-state or one-state solution, but an idea that requires that we renew the conversation with some new thinking – one homeland. Groundwork is created and produced by Dina Kraft and Yoshi Fields. It is hosted by Dina Kraft and Sally Abed. They also reported this episode. Content and audio editing by Yoshi Fields. Additional content editing by Elisheva Goldberg and Nick Acosta. Joel Shupack scored the piece. Art and design…

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Ground Report: Yara Amayra

We’re back with our one-on-one series, Ground Report, where we sit down with an activist to have a conversation about who they are, what motivates them, and what kind of future they imagine for the region. This week’s guest is Yara Amayra. Yara is a Palestinian activist from the south of Hebron in the West Bank. She has worked with Women Wage Peace, New Story Leadership, and now works as the Palestinian Co- Director of Land for All. In the interview, we start out talking about how she got into activism, and then, things got really emotional. Peacebuilding and anti-occupation work is hard work for everyone, but uniquely challenging for Palestinians. It requires immense amounts of hope and optimism, and the ability to be able to imagine a better future for this place. Having that vision, and being able to see it clearly, is so important for activists working in…

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