Ground Report: Dov Khenin

This episode is different. Every month, in addition to our regular program, we’re going to release an episode where host Sally Abed sits down for a one-on-one, candid conversation with an activist.

Dov Khenin, our guest today, is a Jewish Israeli politician who served in the Knesset from 2006-2019 first with Hadash and then with The Joint List. He famously introduced more legislation while in office than any other politician. He is a political scientist, lawyer, and environmentalist. In our conversation you’ll hear a little about his political origin story, why he decided to leave the Knesset, and his thoughts on the political moment we are in right now.

Groundwork is created and produced by Dina Kraft and Yoshi Fields. The Ground Report is reported by Sally Abed with content and audio editing by Yoshi. Yoshi also scored the piece. Additional content editing by Elisheva Goldberg and Nick Acosta. Art and design by Nick. Groundwork is a joint production of New Israel Fund and the Alliance for Middle East Peace.