Ground Report: Mikhael Manekin

We’re back with our one-on-one series, Ground Report, where we sit down with an activist to have a conversation about who they are, what motivates them, and what kind of future they imagine for the region.

This week’s guest is Mikhael Manekin. Mikhael is an anti-occupation activist, Director of the Alliance Fellowship, and an Orthodox religious Jew living in Jerusalem. The narrative around the fight for Israel’s values – within the Jewish community –  is often told as one with a stark divide: where “Secular Left” faces off against “Religious Right. And it’s true that, oftentimes religious observance and right wing politics in Israel do go hand in hand. But Mikhael challenges that narrative. In this episode, we talk to Mikael about how the religious community fits into the struggle to end the occupation, the struggle for peace, equality, and justice.

Groundwork is created and produced by Dina Kraft and Yoshi Fields. Ground Report is reported by Sally Abed, with content and audio editing by Yoshi. Yoshi also scored the piece. Additional content editing by Elisheva Goldberg and Nick Acosta. Art and design by Nick Acosta. Groundwork is a joint production of New Israel Fund and the Alliance for Middle East Peace.